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Brands Impacted by C. Renee Mangum
Savage X Fenty
Bahama Bucks
Society Plus
Star Campbell Stylist
Sanz Skin Care
Association of Black Alumni Orgs
Kandul Creations
Brand Newz
63 or It's Free
TaVonna Symphony LLC
Vision of Heaven Hair Salon
Your Business Neighbor
T Squared Designs
MacTunes Magazine
Perfectly Made Bakery

About    C. Renee Mangum

When asked why she started her business as a Business Development Strategist, she answered, “Because I just want to see everybody be great!” She is truly fulfilling this mission.


C. Renee Mangum is a one-stop shop for aspiring and established entrepreneurs looking to fully develop new business concepts or re-brand existing entities. With a strong background in graphic design, web design and marketing, she utilizes her variety of skills to serve the entrepreneurial community. Her core values include collaboration, creativity, confidence and community.


Her professionalism, innovative marketing strategies, expansive network and passion for greatness all fuel her purpose to help businesses grow to their fullest potential. With an earnest desire to make positive impact in the lives of all who cross her path, working with her is a memorable and meaningful experience. Her intent is to help launch your business from start to flourishing. C. Renee is not a coach from the sideline. She is a player in the game with you, determined to help you win and create your legacy.

She is also a blogger, influencer, CEO of #JustBeGreat Academy™, co-author and CEO of The Bestie Code LP and franchise owner of Juice Plus+, with a mission to help women be a boss in every area of their lives. She also hosts events nationwide, spreading her mission for entrepreneurial women to connect and collaborate. From business to fashion to personal balance, she empowers women to be great, look great and feel great in life and business.

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Reneé uses her social platforms to inform her audience about amazing products and services fitting for entrepreneurial women, plus size women, moms and wives. She has a following of tens of thousands of women eager to engage daily.

To hire Reneé as a social media influencer for your marketing campaign, or to review your product on social media and/or her blog...

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