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For The 2020 Graduating Class...

As many of you know, I give away a scholarship every year to a graduating high school senior headed off to college in the fall. I remember how excited I was to be graduating high school, and the possibilities ahead of me. Getting my cap and gown, taking senior photos, pinning ceremonies, grad parties… I couldn’t wait! This year, with COVID-19, I felt so sad for the graduating seniors of 2020. I felt that they were robbed of something so special that only happens once in life. With so many uncertainties right now, many of them may not even get the opportunity to cross a stage, have a big open house send off to college, or even move into the dorm they’ve been awaiting so eagerly. And let’s dare not forget about the college seniors who have toiled to make it through such a rigorous academic journey. I started thinking, how can we still give these seniors a sense of excitement and normalcy centered around their graduation? One of my conclusions is, give them the special acknowledgement they deserve with a formal graduation announcement.

Help your senior feel special by getting professionally designed high school or college grad announcements created. Let your loved ones all over the country celebrate and display your senior with pride, through a beautifully printed announcement. And if your senior is having a virtual or delayed graduation ceremony, how about getting them some amazing invitations? I’ve partnered with Basic Invite to bring you all special pricing in order to do exactly that. Why Basic Invite? Basic Invite is one of the few websites that allows customers almost unlimited color options (over 180 COLORS) with instant previews online. They also allow you to order a printed sample of your actual announcement or invitation before you place your final order. There are over 40 different peel and seal envelope colors to choose from. Anddddd get this. You can use their service to collect and store all of your people’s addresses, to be printed on your envelopes at no charge.

So really, why not Basic Invite, right?! Go ahead and check them out for your high school or college grad announcements now and use the coupon code 15FF51 to get 15% off! And please y’all, don’t forget the thank you cards, if you are inviting them to ceremonies and/or asking for them to pour into your senior with monetary gifts. That’s just good manners. Congratulations to all of the graduating seniors out there! I will still give away my scholarship for the 2020 class, so be looking out for that! Be sure to follow Basic Invite on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. Show them some love in return for the love they are showing the seniors.


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