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I’m Really a Hippie-preneur

My stylist brought out my inner flower child with this look. It reminded me that I can be professional and still bring my peaceful, poppin’ pink and sunshine yellow vibes with me everywhere I go. I tell my husband all the time that I was born in the wrong decade. I personally think I should have lived in the 70’s but I guess God saw differently (lol). With this look, I’m ushering in my new era of being the hippie millennial businesswoman I was meant to be! {insert peace sign here haha}

Also, just a heads up. It’s my personal mission to show you my shoulders on a regular basis now. I’m rocking off-the-shoulder tops all Summer ’18. Yasss queen!

(Check my Insta to see the cute off-the-shoulder top with bell sleeves that I wore to a fashion show this past weekend)

As professional women, it’s okay to walk into the business meetings full of spunk and personality, as long as we’re also coming with the heat in our presentations and work ethic. Put your best foot forward in a pretty pink heel. Rock your flower crown and your goals!

Stripe Bottoms, Off-The-Shoulder black top, pink heels, flower crown and yellow earrings all from Forever21!

Styled by Star Campbell

Photographer: Nicole Simone

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Stanley S

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