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My City of Dreams

When many people think of the City of Dreams, you think of Los Angeles. Many people move to LA with dreams of becoming the next big breakout star. In high school, I just knew I would move to California and enjoy the beach weather and palm trees as I embarked on my college journey. However, as it turns out, LA would NOT be my city of dreams. Let me tell you about the unexpected city where my dreams came true.

On June 3, 2009, my husband (22 years old), my son (2 years old) and I (21 years old) ran away. We ran away from everything we knew, everything we loved and everything we had, in an attempt to build a life for ourselves. We shut down our social media pages, had a private dinner with our closest family members and friends the night before and then the next morning boarded a train with a duffle bag, less than $200, identification and each other. We were headed to a city that none of us had ever set foot in, and it was on the other end of the country from Detroit, where we lived. But we were determined to step out on faith and do more with our lives. We were lost, and this was our attempt to find whatever God had for us in this world.

On June 5, 2009, we finally arrived at our destination. We only knew one person, my mom’s cousin. She graciously allowed us to crash in her extra room until we got on our feet. She picked us up and drove us to our new temporary living space. As we drove, I started taking it all in… the heat, the mountains, the palm trees, the cacti… this was my new home in the desert and I was thrilled. My husband… not so much at first (lol). But he warmed up to it.

In a month’s time, we were able to secure jobs, an apartment and child care. Look at God!! That’s when we knew, this was our promised land. Everything was falling into place so beautifully, people treated us with so much kindness and we were finally living our own lives.

Fast forward, we’ve now been living in the beautiful metro city of Phoenix, Arizona, and I can’t tell you how glad I am that we made this leap of faith. Thank you to my cousin Terrye for allowing us to get our foot in the door in this desert and opening your home to our family.

Since being here, I’ve been able to build a thriving business and a brand that I love, I’ve made friends that I adore, my husband is happy and thriving in his life with business, music and ministry, my son is excelling in everything he puts his mind to, much of my family has visited and even moved here… life in the desert is grand.

Who would’ve thought that Phoenix would be my City of Dreams? I had no idea what was in store for me when I arrived, but God had a plan.

Where is your city of dreams?

Graphic Tee, Skirt, Heels and Sunglasses - Forever21

Denim Jacket - Loft

Styled by Star Campbell

Photographer: Nicole Simone


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