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Sequin Season Done Differently

Who’s ready for the holiday parties! {raises hand} I gave my wardrobe stylist Star a challenge to get me ready for the parties, but in a different way. Not the traditional cocktail dresses and such. I said, “Star… Give me something sparkly but fun!” She rolled her eyes at me (she’s just sassy for no good reason LOL) and then said, “Okay, let’s see what we’ve got.”

Since Star put the looks together (as she always does for me), I wanted her to tell you her take on each look. So, here ya go, words straight from Star with an AMAZING offer at the end, specifically for my audience, if you’d like to work with her!

Star's Take On Sequins...

Have you ever seen someone wear sequins and look a hot ass mess because they just missed the mark and landed somewhere on the trashy and not classy side?? Well... don’t worry, I’m here to save you from a bunch of tacky, unflattering photos and give a few tips on how to pull off the perfect sequin looks in time for your holiday party, and in some cases, even afterwards.

When Reneé decided she wanted to shoot sequin, I was less than thrilled to take on this task. It’s just so hard to get it right from a fashionable standpoint. But after spending some time going over looks, we were able to create some masterpieces! I was thrilled to see the finished photos and knew in that moment I had to share a few tips to help my ladies survive the holiday season with class and style!

1) The sparkle can be subtle but still be a show stopper. For our first look, we incorporated the shine on the feet only. This causes the shoes to be the star of the show. Ladies, if you invest in a nice pair of shoes, show them off! I paired the shoes with a bold pink skirt and black mesh top, along with silver accessories for balance. A look similar to this one would be suitable for a work holiday party or a holiday happy hour with friends.

2) Sequin pants??? Yes and yes!!!!! For our second look, we decided to really have fun. I thought these pants were enough on their own and I didn’t want to overload Reneé’s body or you guys’ eyes! If you decide to go this route, remember sometimes less is more and pair it with a simple top. This look would be an awesome date night look or a concert, so you can get your groove on cute and comfy.

3) Come on NEON!! I decided to do away with the traditional hunter green and red colors for the holidays and incorporate some vibrant neon colors!! Not only are neon colors still

very much on trend even after summer, but the pop of color made this look one of my favorites! We thought “girls night out” or “ the girl that stood out” vibes for this look. This is a tasteful way to be a little over the top and noticeable in the best way possible. The sequin blazer paired with latex leggings and a pop of neon green screams “ slay all day” or “yasssssss”!!!! LOL!

sequins blazer
Sequins Blazer from Fashion To Figure | Pendant Necklace from Alluring Elements of Tranquility

4) Sneakers with sequin???? This look takes the cake in my book! I’m a busy mom on the go and struggle sometimes with being trendy and comfy! Well I believe the 4th and final

look nails it! Pairing the sequin skirt with a graphic tee and denim jacket really tones down the look! This look would be ideal for a holiday dinner party at a family member’s house or maybe even a little last minute shopping! Definitely a selfie worthy look!!!!

This holiday season, I want to extend the offer for you to work with me, a professional wardrobe stylist. I’ve traveled the world (literally, I’ll be in India next month) styling celebrities as well as your every day bosses and boss babes. I work on wardrobes and I help with special event styling. I’d like to offer the first 5 people to reach out to Reneé a mood board service for only $25 (regularly $50 and up). We’ll chat about you, your body, your style and your budget. Then I’ll do some online shopping for you and create 1-2 looks for you that fall within your budget. The looks can be for the holidays or for any event you have coming up.

Back to Reneé…

ONLY 5 PEOPLE, YALL! Email me asap at with the subject line “Style Me Star” if you want to take advantage of her service. She’s amazing!

All looks styled by Star Campbell

All photos taken by TaVonna Symphony

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