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Women in Power Need a Power Dress

Confidence comes from within… but the right dress surely helps as well!

As a woman in power, confidence is a must, whether I am going about my day-to-day entrepreneurial activities or hosting one of my BOSS events. As girl bosses, we want to feel bossy and beautiful wherever we go. Society Plus read our minds and gave us the perfect mixture of the two! Allow me to introduce you to… The Power Dress.

Society Plus hit all of the right spots with this beauty. It’s a soft, double-lined and durable wrap dress (you know wrap dresses are a plus size diva’s bestie) with POCKETS! I love pockets on my skirts and dresses since I want to keep my phone and lip gloss nearby yet out of sight. The neckline leaves options for you to maybe show a little cleavage, put on a cute cami underneath or boast a big, beautiful statement necklace like I did. The paneling of the dress is just right, so when you sit down, you’re still covered. And if you’re a bit busty, your girls are covered as well. They thought about all of us when they designed this dress!

Whether you’re headed to a business meeting, a bestie brunch or a night out, the Power Dress is perfection for any occasion.

You can see more details and get your own here! Simply search for "Power Dress."

Photo credit: @curvesonabudget13


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