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Branding, Marketing and Visibility

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We specialize in marketing and visibility, especially on digital platforms. We make proper use of websites, social media, digital advertisements, strategic partnerships and more, to ensure that your company stands out as an authority in your field. We have graphic designers, web designers and marketing specialists ready to assist.

In order to do this, your branding has to be clear and strategic.

Branding is essentially what identifies your company in unique ways, so that you are not confused with your competitors. It is not only your color scheme and logo. It is also your core messages, your philosophy and your overall customer experience. Your brand is what your customer says about your company after they have worked with you.

Good branding makes you easy to find and even easier to market. If your brand presence needs development, we can help.

To inquire about branding, marketing and/or visibility, please use the button below to email us with your inquiry.

Social Media Management

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Social media is the way of the world and there's no escaping that. Those who learn it now will be the leaders in their industries forever.

Our primary focus with social media management is increasing your following with people who are genuinely interested in what you're doing, as well as optimizing the type of content you are producing. Most people think social media success comes through the frequency of posting, but in all honesty, it does not. It's all about consistent engagement with the right people and making sure the posts you are creating are being well received.

My team offers social media management and consulting services for INSTAGRAM ONLY. Use the button below and let us know which package you are interested in.

$199/month Engagement Package - My team engages on your behalf around the clock, driving organic traffic to your page. You still have the responsibility of developing and posting your own content. Through our engagement, we can typically generate about 500 new QUALITY followers a month.

$499/month Content Creation Package - Our team will create and post content on your behalf. You provide us with photos, videos, direction, etc. We will create, post and fully maintain your Instagram page content, posting every other day with hashtags included. You would only need to continue handling comments and direct messages from your audience.

$650/month Total Takeover Package (Creation & Engagement) - Everything contained in the Engagement & Content Creation Packages.

Website Consultation & Development

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Are you in need of a new, professionally designed website or a facelift to your current site? Look no further!

As a certified website expert, recognized by Wix, I am proficient with web building platforms such as Wix, Squarespace, GoDaddy, Wordpress, etc. Web development prices vary (usually between $400 - $2000), depending on the scope of work requested. To get a website quote and consultation, click the button below to complete a website needs analysis form. Once it is completed, I will contact you at my earliest availability.

Search Engine Optimization

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Our Search Engine Optimization team gets clients listed on the first page of Google every 5 minutes. Let's get your business listed as well.

You can spend less time and marketing dollars by investing in proper SEO services. Good SEO brings organic traffic to your website's front door, people who are actively looking for what you produce or provide.

Search Engine Optimization ensures that your website is performing at its highest potential for visibility and makes it easy for Google and other search engines to find you. It is an intricate process that takes time and skill, and we have both.

Contact us today for a quick analysis of your SEO needs and see how we can provide a viable solution for you.

Group Training Sessions

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Book a group training session in one of the areas of expertise listed. I will train/speak to your staff, interns, team, class, etc in whichever area is applicable to your needs.

Does your team need help with branding themselves on social media?

Is your team not meeting production and needs new ways to increase sales, traffic and/or visibility?

Would you like to increase your internship program's value by providing professional training?

Is your staff lacking in areas of relationship-building, empathy, or taking leadership initiative?

Would you like for your class to hear from a professional who built her career from the ground up?

Contact me to book a training or speaking session! Please give adequate details of the nature of your request as well as your speaker/trainer budget.

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