Thee CRM Group LLC

Thee Client Results Management Group is a full-service business development and consulting firm. Our clients are remarkably diverse: large and small, private and public, for-profit and nonprofit. We help our clients develop, sustain and thrive: whatever it takes to embrace their future.

We work hands on with entrepreneurs to help them develop their concepts and business presence. We assess their needs through consultations and provide them with services and resources available through our own expertise, as well as the expertise provided by our network partners.

There is enough air for us all to breathe. Every person on the earth has been purposed for success in some capacity. Therefore, our belief is that success is not achieved nor hindered by focusing on the actions of the competition. Rather, it is attained through clarity, consistency and strong strategy, including strategic collaboration, that correlates with each client's brand identity.


Meet The Strategy Team

c renee mangum.jpg
C. Reneé Mangum
Lead Business & Branding Strategist
Areas of expertise: Branding, Digital Marketing, Business Development, Influencer Marketing, Social Media Growth
Shellie Small.jpg

Shellie Small

Corporate & Business Consultant

Areas of expertise: Franchise Consultation, Corporate to Entrepreneurship, and Corporate Development

DaVina Smith

Branding, Web Design & Marketing Consultant

Areas of expertise: website development, branding, general business start up strategy, podcasting
cierra conerly.jpg

Cierra Conerly

Nonprofit Consultant

Areas of expertise: nonprofit development, nonprofit fundraising, organizational leadership and development

Chelsea Harris

Entertainment Consultant

Areas of expertise: entertainment marketing, artist development, artist networking, entertainment branding, social media