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I wrote my first book in 30 days. Within the first couple of months of releasing it, I made a 4-figure profit, hit the Amazon Bestseller List and the Hottest New Releases List. My book was showcased in magazines, blogs, book reviewer communities, book clubs, etc. All because of a solid plan from the very beginning. Every move was strategic.

So now, I’ll teach you all of it. Each and every part of the process!
During the Published and Profitable virtual training, I will lay out the book writing and publishing process from start to finish.
From the writing phase, all the way through production and marketing, we'll get you propelling forward with a plan.
Published and Profitable virtual training is for you if you:
- Have a book concept and need help with the writing process
- Have a book written and need help with the self-publishing process
- Have a published book (or soon to be published book) and need help with the marketing and promotion plan

You will learn:

- Easy ways to get the book out of your head and onto paper
- Overcoming writer's block
- Planning, scheduling and executing your writing time
- Adding the “finishing touches” to your book
- Self Publishing from A to Z
- Copyrighting and getting your ISBN
- How to get your cover created and book edited
- Marketing and promoting your book
- Becoming an Amazon Bestseller
- Getting featured in the media
- Every author’s must-haves for success

You’ll also receive a detailed checklist to keep you accountable from start to finish, as well as my personal contacts for editing, graphic design, etc.

Published & Profitable - Book Writing and Self-Publishing Webinar

$97.00 Regular Price
$22.00Sale Price
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