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“I wish I had your confidence.”


This is the number one phrase I hear as a young, successful serial entrepreneur and social media influencer. It always makes me giggle, considering the extremely low level of self esteem and high levels of fear, anxiety and doubt I had to overcome.


In #JustBeGreat, I bare my soul, taking you through my challenging journey to confidence. From an identity crisis at five years old to feeling worthless as a teen mom, I am giving you the most vulnerable parts of me that forced me to grow.


In between my narratives, you will also have the opportunity to begin your own journey as well. Through intense journaling exercises inside, my goal is to help you find your own path to living the most confident and fulfilling life possible. I grew my confidence through strategic actions, and I am now sharing that process with you.


This journey to living boldly and confidently is going to require vulnerability. You will face some hard truths about yourself and reprogram your ingrained philosophies on where real confidence comes from.


By committing to this journey with me, you are investing in your present, your future, and your overall quality of life.

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Shop Confidence

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