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Mix and Match! 1 Belt 4 Outfits

Being a mom, wife and business owner, every purchase I make has to be looked at as an investment. I can’t afford to buy things impulsively. The moment I do, either my business will need some kind of renewal, my son will need money for the latest school activity or my husband will have implemented a new savings plan that I’ve already destroyed with my impulsiveness. So, every purchase has to be well thought out in this house.

When it comes to clothes, I like to mix and match. If I buy a shirt, I better be able to wear it with jeans, a pencil skirt or black slacks on any given day. I don’t have the budget clearance for 3 outfits at once, so I need to be able to make 3 outfits out of one shirt. I know you feel what I’m saying, right?!

When I got the Jessica Kane Obi Belt from Society Plus, I immediately fell in love. I could see tons of outfit possibilities and pairings with this piece! You can wear it with just about anything to add some sass to your outfit. It’s the perfect investment for adding variety to any look. Let me show you a few that I did just this week!

Peplums are my favorite style of tops; so don’t be surprised when you see it twice. I was hesitant to wear the belt with black since the belt itself is black. But it was perfection. The leather from the belt makes it stand out, even against the same color. The leggings are so comfy and fit perfectly. They have an elastic waistband so they don’t slide down and they hug your curves just right. This outfit was perfect for my Power Brunch. It was a professional event that I hosted, so I had to move around quite a bit. Cute and comfy were a necessity.

I told you not to be surprised when you see the peplum twice, HA HA! I wanted to pair it with a similar outfit as the first one but a different color scheme. It was just as perfect the second time around. This obi belt definitely makes the waistline look SNATCHED, honey!

Dressing it up and feeling feisty! I paired the obi belt with a pencil skirt and strappy heels for a night out on the town. It adds the right amount of sass and again, the black leather really pops out. This belt is perfect with just about any high waist skirt and top combo to bring a bit more personality to the outfit.

White Top, Ripped Jeans, Obi Belt

Dressing it down and hanging out with the girls! When I just want to relax or go hang out casually with my friends or the hubby, I reach for my jeans and tank top. I’m a ripped jeans gal, wearing them with my flats in the daytime and my wedge heels in the evening. The obi belt again added a sense of personality to my basic go-to look.

I decided to try the belt a couple different ways with this outfit just to play around with my options. You can definitely wear the obi belt as a solid strip across the front and a bow in the back. If wearing it with jeans this way, I suggest putting it through your belt loops, just to add some security to the placement of it.

Have some fun with the obi belt, it’s quite the worthy investment for your wardrobe! We can all benefit from having this baby around.


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