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One of the #1 reasons small businesses don't have consistent income is because their marketing is half done and unprepared.


Market Like a Boss is your 134-page guide to a year's worth of GREAT and prepared marketing. Fortune 500 companies know what their campaigns will be long before the campaign drops.


Intentional marketing leads to intentional profits!


In this workbook, you will find:

  • Building a marketing plan vs marketing strategy
  • The 5 P's of marketing - what MUST be done to be effective
  • Over 30 ways to market your business
  • Over 30 evergreen social media content ideas
  • Yearly evaluation forms
  • Money Goal Marketing chart - planning your marketing based on the money you need to make from it
  • Campaign theme development
  • Social media pillars development
  • Content mapping calendars
  • Email subject line cheat sheets


Effective use of this workbook will take the guess work out of what your year of marketing efforts will look like.

Market Like a Boss - 12 Months of Marketing Workbook

$179.00 Regular Price
$79.00Sale Price
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