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Good Skin for the Win!

Hey hey, great people! So much has been happening around here but I'm excited to share one thing in particular today with all my boss ladies!

You all probably know that I dabble in the world of affiliate marketing (not sure what that is? We need to talk lol). Well, with that being the case, you catch me doing tons of photo shoots and the makeup is usually popping.

However, with great makeup comes the great responsibility of taking it off and keeping my skin nice! I was taught that, when we don't remove our makeup at night, we age 10 times faster. I REFUSE to allow that to be me! But whether you wear makeup or not, good skin care is a must.

So, the GREATEST thing happened! I got an invitation to become an affiliate with an non-toxic skin care line called SANZ! No harmful chemicals and no hefty price tag, woot woot!

What SANZ is doing right now is offering two FULL SIZE products for ONLY 5 BUCKS just to show you how awesome their products are. I couldn't keep that kind of awesomeness to myself, so I'm sharing with you all!

I'm waiting for mine in the mail and I'm probably going to go live on my Facebook page and my Instagram page to talk about it when it arrives. I would love to have some of you gals jump on my live WITH ME and talk about how you like the product as well. The owner wants feedback and I know my boss ladies will give it! So let's have a reviewing party together via Facebook and Instagram in a couple of weeks! Make sure you're following me on both platforms to stay in the loop.

Grab your trial now for only $5 so that you can give your review with me!

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