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Stripes, Whites, and Brights

This is my personal theme for the summer.

I’m that girl that doesn’t really care what time of the year it is; if I want to wear white, I’m going to wear white. And I’ve heard a nasty rumor that plus size women should avoid stripes and bright colors, as to not draw unflattering attention. AHT AHT! I wear what I want, and you should too, Sis!

In honor of all the things I’ve been told by the Internet not to do, I decided to do them and take pics.

Life is too short. Live your life. Wear those shorts and let those thighs breathe. Wear whatever color and/or pattern you want. Eat the cookies and the kale.

Balance. Freedom. Live Happy.

Yellow Top: Fashion Q (Use promo code CRENEE for 12% off your purchases!)

Coral Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Stripe Dress: Rainbow

Nude Asymmetrical Top: Fashion To Figure

Photo Credit: Timothy Newburn / T Alan Media

Styled by Star Campbell


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