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Glam Marketing's Social Media Tracker

Hey entrepreneurs, you know I'm always looking for ways to improve our day-to-day functionality. Social media consistency seem to be a pain for some of us. So, look what I found!

Let me introduce you to Glam Marketing's Social Media Tracker! It's a FREE DOWNLOAD!

This tracker was designed by DaVina Smith, the CEO of Glam Marketing, for other glamorous entrepreneurs. It helps with social media goals, progress, ideas, etc. It even comes equipped with a posting plan, giving a guide for when to post, how many times to post, a holidays schedule (keep up with when to post holiday sales), passwords and username trackers and more!

Here is a peek at what comes on the inside. Download the entire 13-page guide today for FREE, simply by subscribing to! Also, you can support and connect with Glam Marketing on Instagram @glammarketing. Give them a shout and let them know you found them here! :-)


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