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6 Reasons Your Products and Services Are Not Selling

Let's get very honest today. If your products and services aren't selling, there's a reason for that. This isn't a fully exhaustive list of every reason why that could be happening, but here are the most common reasons that I find when working with entrepreneurs.

You don’t REALLY know who your customer is and what they want.

Many new business owners want their products and services to appeal to a mass audience. The wise business owner knows that there’s more power in identifying one specific type of customer. You cannot please everybody, in life or business. So don’t try to. You HAVE to get specific about who your customer really is and focus your attention on truly knowing that person, inside and out, so that you can identify what that customer really wants and needs in terms of products and services. Don't just offer what you want to offer; offer what your customer needs.

The value of your product or service is not clear.

Just because you know your product or service is beneficial, doesn’t mean your audience believes it or even understands it. If the value of what you’re offering isn’t clearly communicated, nobody is going to buy it. You may think you’ve been clear, but it’s possible that they aren’t receiving the message the way you intended for them to. If you are selling the product as opposed to the solution, you’re not doing it right.

Your audience doesn’t see why they should buy it from YOU.

If there is no brand identity that is compelling them to you and only you for what you offer, they can and will feel a-okay getting it from somewhere else. We are not the only people on the earth that offer what we offer. So your brand has to be so strong, that when they think of that product or service, they only think of you. Also, have they seen social proof of your product or service being awesome for somebody else? Social proof matters.

You’re not nurturing your relationships.

If you’re too busy looking for new customers and not nurturing the ones you’ve already had, your approach is off. PERIODT. Nuff said.

Your visual content isn’t wowing them.

Visuals are important in marketing. If it looks low budget and half done, your audience will assume that the quality of the product or service is low budget as well. Asking for people to invest in you, when you haven’t even invested in your visuals is a sure way to NOT make that sale. Either outsource it or learn how to use some of these cool apps. And if your business relies on photos of your product or photos of you, professional photography makes a difference.

You’re putting all of your marketing efforts in one basket.

You can’t solely rely on social media to sell your product. You can’t only expect your email list to grab your potential customer’s attention. Print marketing can’t be your only form of communication. In other words, if you’re only using one communication medium to try and promote your product or service, you are selling yourself short.

If you have found yourself struggling in any of these areas, I’m here to help. This week, I am opening up my coveted One-on-One Strategy Sessions. They are normally $197 for 90 minutes, but I am accepting 5 One-on-Ones for only $97. They have to be booked this week and they are first come, first served. Contact me ASAP to request one. Click "Request a Session" under my service entitled 90-Minute Strategy Session or email me at with the subject like "90 Minutes for $97."

Don’t stay frustrated. Let’s get selling!


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