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Business Spring Cleaning Quick List

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Business Spring Cleaning Quick List:

🧽Spot clean your website. Delete pages you don’t use, check and make sure your links work, etc.

🧽Wipe down your social media business pages. Get rid of irrelevant content and repurpose the good stuff.

🧽Dust off old products. They may still be needed and valuable.

🧽De-clutter your workspaces. This can be your office, your computer desktop, your phone note pad and voice notes, your books and notebooks, etc. Clutter spaces indicate clutter minds.

🧽Restock your supplies. Notebooks, pens, stickers, stickies, marketing materials, shipping materials, inventory, planner book, usb drives, whatever you use to be successful and prepared for handling business.

🧽Organize your important information. Sort through and categorize your email lists, phone numbers, intake forms, receipts, etc. Throw away/shred what you don’t need and organize what you do. Have a specific place for everything.

This should get you started! 🙌🏽 I have an even more extensive list for Spring Cleaning 🧹 your business in the special session I’m offering this month only. It includes reviewing your products/services, pricing, marketing methods, profitability, digital presence and more.

A thorough review and some good strategies might be all you need to get things moving the way you really want them to. We can thoroughly “clean up” and evaluate your business together and get you ready for next quarter. Hit the link below ☺️⬇️


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