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Burger King Sells Tacos… Marketing Done Right or Wrong?

It’s Taco Tuesday! Anybody headed over to Burger King?

Nope. I know you’re not. LOL But let’s just talk about this for a moment.

Everybody went loco when Burger King dropped their latest addition to their menu…. Crunchy tacos. Most of us were just confused. Some of us gave them the benefit of the doubt and tried it. The reviews? Ehhhh not so great, from what I heard.

But all tacos aside, let’s talk marketing. What did Burger King do right here? What did they do wrong?

On the right side of things, Burger King got us talking about them! Let’s be for real… Nobody has really been talking about Burger King since the drop of the 5 for $5. And since so many fast food chains quickly jumped on that wave, it was a short lived conversation. The implementation of this taco campaign got the masses and the media chatting about them again. They gained “top of mind” status. People on social media started making videos, memes, etc. Hey, I’m writing about it now. Whether you wanted to try the tacos or not, you knew Burger King now had tacos. Burger King was now back on your radar in some capacity. That’s good marketing.

Here’s what I believe they did wrong. They chased the “shiny object.” You’ve heard the saying, “everything that glitters ain’t gold.” It’s no secret that people love tacos! We have a whole day of the week dedicated to them. Chipotle and Taco Bell had great first quarter sales. Jack in the Box boasts their tacos is one of their top-selling products. So, like many of us tend to do, Burger King jumped out of its lane of expertise and tried to cross into what’s trendy, what’s popular, what’s working for other people. They chased the shiny object. SMH. How are you the king of burgers, selling tacos? I don’t like it. LOL.

Not only did it confuse many of us, but the execution of the tacos was poor. In other words, people were disgusted by them. If you’re going to jump out of your lane, you better be DANG GOOD at driving in this new one. Or else, BOOM, you just shot your brand in the foot, trying to be somebody else. Don’t chase the new fad or the shiny object. Stick to your expertise and do what you were created to do. You don’t have to sell everything. You don’t have to be good at everything. You just have to be a master at YOUR thing.

So, what did we learn from Burger King’s taco campaign? Yes, get people talking. Be creative with your campaigns, in a way that will catch the attention of the audience you are seeking. Generate attention grabbing campaigns that set you apart, that people can’t help but to want to know more about.

However, do it in your lane. Dominate what you’re great at. Don’t chase shiny objects. Stay focused on your business goals. If it doesn’t line up with your end goal, it may not be the best idea for you to do. If you want to be the next king or queen of whatever you sell, get creative in how you sell THAT. Don’t start marketing hair just because the hair extension industry is popping, when your business is centered around juicing and your goal is to be the top health and wellness coach in your city. Understand? Great!

What are some ways you can get creative with your marketing? Interested in doing a marketing strategy session with me? Email me and let’s put in on the schedule!


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