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The Modern Day Business Plan

Business plans aren’t what they used to be. Many entrepreneurs are intimidated by writing a business plan because they think of it as a 40-page technical document full of spreadsheets, graphs, figures and terms they don’t even understand.

If this is you, let me put you at ease a bit.

Business plans are most commonly used to secure funding for the business. Experts suggest that investors are most interested in you clearly communicating how you plan to work for the money, as opposed to charts projecting data that is mostly based on guess work.

Your business plan is also a great tool for you and your team to reflect on when you find yourself lost or looking at new possible paths. Your business plan should be more than a formal document, but a guide for the business. It’s a road map to make sure that you and your team are heading in one, clear, unified direction. If you follow your map, you won’t find yourself lost as much. You may get to points along the map that need tweaking over time, and that’s okay. It’s a living document; it’s okay to make changes when need be.

A good business plan lays out the route to success for your business. Whether you are just getting started in your business, or you’ve been at it for some time, if you don’t have a business plan written that is actionable and clear, it’s time to fix that.

Right now, you can download my Business Plan Writing Made Easy eWorkbook to help you on this journey. By the time you complete this all-inclusive workbook, you will have all the pieces of your business plan in place.

Don’t make it harder than it needs to be!

Download the workbook and get started!


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