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Problem Solvers Make Bank $$$

In life and in business, people who can solve a problem make the coins. Think about the professions that are known for making big checks. Doctors… laywers… therapists… engineers. They earn a healthy salary because they have specialized skills that solve people’s problems. They create products, services, processes, etc that are need-based solutions.

As an entrepreneur, what problem do you solve? Are you aware of the needs of your target audience? If you can solve a problem for them, they will buy from you!

When you are marketing your product or service, your verbiage and positioning should clearly portray what issue you are fixing. For example, if you sell bananas, your marketing might say, “buy my banana.” But this doesn’t show the value and need for the banana based on problems of the target market for that particular ad. If the target market is the population of women who are struggling with their diet, maybe the ad should say something like, “indulge your sweet tooth WITHOUT ruining your diet with this delicious, 110 calorie snack!” You see the difference? One is selling a product; the other is solving a problem of the target market.

Make sure your marketing techniques are showing the value of what you have, based upon the problems in your market!

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