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What your #2017BestNine Tells You About Your Brand

Happy New Year! It’s 2018 and I feel in my bones that many of you are already crushing your goals (if not, let’s talk)!

On Instagram, I’ve seen many people post their 2017 Best Nine from, a collage of photos that received the most likes throughout the year. This is actually an awesome learning tool for your marketing.

What your #BestNine tells you is what your audience most responds to. Is there a trend with your #BestNine? Were they primarily selfies? Were they quotes? Were they family photos? Were they action photos? Were they professional photos? What did you say in the captions? Were many people commenting on these posts? What were they saying to you?

This is simple market research. Look for trends in what your audience likes and KEEP DOING IT! You know the saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Look at your most liked photos and post content that is similar to it. Give your audience what they like.

What if they are liking your random photos that actually have nothing to do with your brand? Well, first of all, why are you posting things that have nothing to do with your brand? Haha. But seriously, there is something great to learn from this too, if this is your situation. This likely means that you don’t actually have your targeted market following you, and your content is not compelling them.

For example, if your brand is about empowering women but you’re finding that there are more men liking your selfie posts, it’s likely that you have a larger following of men and your content is not drawing your target market of women like you intend it to.

Check your Instagram stats to see the percentage of men versus women who follow you and the age ranges that follow you. If you’re not happy with what you see in those numbers, it’s probably time for some rebranding. Your message is not being clearly communicated. You may not be interacting with the people who could actually benefit from what you offer.

Check your message. Make sure it’s relevant, engaging and compelling.

Check your hashtags. Make sure you’re using hashtags that your target market is likely to search and follow.

Check your presentation. What images are you posting? Are they images that would appeal to those that you actually want to follow you?

If your 2017 Best Nine are posts that you are most proud of and reflect an acceptance of your branding by your audience, awesome! Keep up the great work and keep reproducing similar posts! If your 2017 Best Nine is a poor reflection of your brand, learn from it and start the rebranding process. Either way, you’ve learned from and listened to your market feedback by examining what they like.

If you need to rebrand, please reach out! Let’s set up a session and get you on the right track for 2018!


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