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You Can't Have a 6 or 7 Figure Income Until...

Hey hey! Where are all of my future millionaires!? Woot woot! I'm going to be a millionaire too! Why not us, right!? It absolutely can be. But let me let you in on something that a 7-figure earner told me. It's one of the most simple yet profound statements I've ever heard.

My goal is to build my business over the next 7 years to consistently bring in a minimum of $2 million every year so that I can pay myself handsomely, pay a great staff, pay for my son's college tuition and travel the world, laying around on beaches while my husband does full-time ministry and lays on beaches with me.

I want this more than anything else because financial freedom is one heck of a feeling and accomplishment in one's life. So from day one in my business, I've told myself that I WILL make this happen.

Naturally, during some of my entrepreneurial rough patches, I got discouraged. I started questioning if my goal was really attainable. That's when it happened. I heard a statement from someone I regard very highly. She said....


Wow. WOW! That struck a cord with me. Of course I was focused on my goal, but I hadn't mastered how to climb the steps to get me there!

It shifted my thinking to start planning each level. What process was required to hit my first 3 figures? How did I reconfigure it to make 4 figures? What steps are necessary to turn that into 5 figures?

Having mapped out those steps, I'm able to measure my progress and watch myself climb the steps! Once I figured out my systems, my mind was clear and my frustration levels went down. I can now see clearly how to get to 6 and 7 figures, woot woot!

Here's what's awesome... I can help you figure out that same plan for your business! There is NO SHAME in planning for your first 3, 4 and 5 figures. So let's do it!

If you need guidance in setting up a proper and measurable plan to execute in order to reach financial freedom, book a strategy session with me. We'll sit down for 90-minutes and produce a plan specifically for your business goals. Strategy sessions are $99 and they are worth every penny. But if you're serious RIGHT NOW, I don't want price to stand in the way. If you purchase a session this week, you can book it for only $49. Act fast! This is only until September 17, 2017. After that, it returns to its normal price.

Send me an email to requesting this price for this mapping session, and I will send you instructions for booking. Your business should be worth the investment!


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