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5 Things To Do When Business Is Slow

As entrepreneurs, we’ve all gone through periods of time when business tends to slow down. Entrepreneurship can be unpredictable and slow periods can be very discouraging, if you view it as a negative thing. But whether your business is seasonal or takes a hit in one way or another, there are still things you can do to stay productive, relevant and profitable. Here are several.

Update Old Posts

Remember those posts you made on social media that were a big hit with your audience? Revisit them. You probably have new people following you that could benefit from the same information. Re-purpose it. Add new images or rephrase your captions. Repost those relevant stats and add more data. Expound on your main points. Give old posts new life for your audience.

Send Thank You Notes

Good customer service is a must, no matter what industry you’re in. Take some of your down time to write thank you notes to your clients and customers. Remind them of what a great experience they had with you and/or your product by reaching out with a sincere thank you. This is one of the best ways to retain clients and have repeat customers. You can write them a personal email or contact them on social media if you follow them. However, nothing beats a handwritten sentiment. If you have their mailing address information, put something in their mailbox that will make them smile (and make them want to send you referrals, wink wink).

Create a Popcorn Product

A popcorn product is a physical or digital product that won’t take you long to create. Typically it’s some kind of digital download that your market can benefit from. It’s also designed to be inexpensive ($7-$27) that will sell quickly and easily keep revenue generating, even when things are slow. Start asking your audience what they are in need of, and create a product that fulfills that need.

Work on Future Content

Dig into some new facts, do some research and start creating content for your blog and/or social media pages ahead of time. Having content created for days and weeks to come helps cut down on busy work for you when business picks back up. Consider writing in numbers for your industry. For example, if you are a web designer, think of 12 ways to have a better website. If you are a social media guru, write a blog with 6 ways to increase your social media presence. If you are an event planner, teach your audience 10 easy DIY centerpieces that will wow party guests. Hopefully you catch my drift here. People like numbers and stats. This will help you create plenty of content for your audience.

Go to Networking Events

Expand your reach by introducing yourself to other professionals. Find some networking events in your area. You never know who you may meet that can help you get out of your slow patch with a new partnership, referrals, etc. Broadening your professional circle and meeting other movers and shakers in your city have a way of motivating you to do more, create more and ultimately be more productive.

If you’re feeling like your business is slow because you’ve reached a plateau, and you are looking for new strategies to help you get to a new level, book a strategy session with me today. We will assess where you are currently and determine how you can take your business to new heights.

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I loved these tips!! They were needed. I have had down time and didn’t do anything with but lounge around the house.. lol But now I’ll be in full swing making the most of my time.. Thank you for sharing!!

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